About ECOF


The 14th European Conference on Organised Films follows a successful series of meetings focusing on the structural and functional properties of organised thin organic films. Previous conferences were held in Munich (1986), Paris (1988), Mainz (1990), Bangor (1992), Smolenice (1994) , Sheffield (1996), Potsdam (1998), Otranto (2001), Valladolid (2004), Riga (2006), Potsdam (2008), Sheffield (2011) and Cork (2013). ECOF14 will take place in Genova,  a lively city  in  the noth-west of Italy, rich of history and art treasures, at the center of the arch of the italian Riviera.  

ECOF14 provides an ideal multidisciplinary forum for the discussion of the latest developments in the area of thin and ultrathin organic films, novel hybrid organic/inorganic structures and the related nanoscience and nanotechnology aspects. Aiming at promoting  cross-fertilization of fundamental and applied research, ECOF14 will offer stimulating opportunities for  exchanging new ideas and the building up of new synergies.

Main topics:


  • Langmuir monolayers, LB and LS multilayers
  • Self-assembly and self-organised systems
  • Supramolecular architectures
  • Nanostructures and nanofabricated films
  • Nanoparticles, graphene and 2D materials for smart hybrid coatings
  • Biological and biomimetic interfaces


  • Linear and non-linear optical properties
  • Electrical and magnetic properties
  • Dynamic and mechanical properties
  • Transport phenomena


  • Materials  for  molecular electronics and OLEDs
  • Photovoltaics, plasmonics, photonics, sensors
  • Holography, surface patterning
  • Molecular recognition and  biosensing applications