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Abstract title: Traveling Localized Vibrations Generated by an External Exciter Attached to an Edge of a Mass-spring ladder with Piecewise Linear Coupling
Submitting author: Masayuki Kimura
Affiliation: Setsunan University
Affiliation Address: Ikeda-Nakamachi 17-8, Neyagawa, Osaka 572-8508, Japan
Country: Japan
Other authors and affiliations: Yosuke Watanabe (Setsunan University)
Moving intrinsic localized mode (moving ILM), which is also called moving discrete breather (moving DB), plays a crucial role in energy transfer in a nonlinear regime [1]. Nonlinear supratransmission is one of the nonlinear energy transfer phenomena in which moving ILMs are generated at the edge of a nonlinear mass-spring ladder with a frequency outside the phonon band of the ladder [2,3]. The supratransmission is also experimentally observed in a mechanical system in which masses are coupled by a piecewise linear spring [4,5]. In this study, we numerically investigate where the moving ILMs are generated by an external exciter attached to the mass-spring ladder with piecewise linear coupling in the frequency-amplitude plane of the exciter. As reported in Refs. [4,5], the region where several moving ILMs are individually generated is found outside the phonon band. In addition, traveling localized vibrations which are not separated from each other are observed inside the band. We will discuss the mechanism of how the traveling localized vibrations occur inside the band.AcknowledgmentsThis work is supported by JSPS Kakenhi No. 21K03935(MK), No. 17K05577(YW), and No. 23K03582(YW).References[1] S. Flach, A.V. Gorbach, Phys. Rep. 467, 1 (2008).
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