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Abstract's title: Probing ultrafast magnetization dynamics with FEL light
Submitting author: Flavio Capotondi
Affiliation: Eletta Sincrotrone Trieste
Affiliation Address: Strada Statale 14 - km 163,5 in AREA Science Park 34149 Basovizza, Trieste ITALY
Country: Italy
Oral presentation/Poster (Author's request): Oral presentation
Other authors and affiliations: F.Capotondi (1), S.Eisebitt (2), C.Gutt (3), E.Jal (4), M.Kiskinova (1), J.Luning (4), L.Muller (5), D.Naumenko (1), E.Pedersoli (1), B. Pfau (2), C.Von Korff Schmising (2), D.Weder (2), F.Willems (2), B.Vodungbo (4). (1) Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, 34149 Basovizza, Trieste, Italy (2) Max-Born-Instiute Berlin, 12489 Berlin, Germany (3) Physics Department, University of Siegen, D-57072 Siegen, Germany (4) Sorbonne Universités, UPMC Université Paris 06, UMR 7614, LCPMR, 75005 Paris, France (5) DESY, 22607 Hamburg, Germany

The multipurpose measurement station for Coherent Diffraction Imaging, operating at the DiProI beamline of the FERMI@Elettra XUV/soft X-ray free electron laser, is designed to meet the users’ requirements for performing a wide range of static and dynamic studies [1]. The flexible design permits to fully exploit the state of the art performance of the ultrashort, highly coherent, tunable and multi-polarizable pulses of seeded FERMI FEL source [2,3]. In this presentation, we will overview different class of scattering and imaging experiments aimed to investigate laser driven magnetization dynamics in a complex multicomponent magnetic system on a nanometer length and femtosecond time scale. We will shows that using Fourier transform of the difference hologram recorded with left and right circularly polarized FEL radiation yields the element-specific magnetic contrast with a lateral resolution on the order of 50-70 nm [4]. Furthermore, controlled local demagnetization on selected area can be realized applying external laser excitation [5]. More recently, using the novel two-color emission of FERMI, we encode the real space magnetic domain pattern at the Co M2,3 edges and Pt N7 edge  in a single hologram opening the opportunity of spectroscopic multi-color imaging with FEL sources [6].


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