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Abstract's title: Distributing entanglement without entanglement and the quantum nature of gravity
Submitting author: Mauro Paternostro
Affiliation: Queen's University Belfast
Affiliation Address: Lanyon South Building School of Mathematics and Physics Queen's University Belfast BT7 1NN Belfast (UK)
Country: United Kingdom
Oral presentation/Poster (Author's request): Oral presentation
Other authors and affiliations:
Interactions between two material objects are mediated by fields. 
If quantum entanglement is created between two such objects due to their interaction, 
then it follows that the "mediating" field must have been a quantum entity. 
In this talk I first show that the states of two micrometer dimension test masses in 
adjacent matter-wave interferometers could be detectably entangled solely through their mutual 
gravitational interaction. I then argue that the purely gravitational mechanism for this entanglement 
implies that witnessing it is equivalent to certifying the quantum nature of the gravitational field 
that mediates the entanglement.
I will illustrate a photonic-based experimental setting that is able to demonstrate the features of 
this proposal