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Abstract's title: Selective metamagnetism of multi-component fermions in optical lattices
Submitting author: Lorenzo Del Re
Affiliation: Sissa
Affiliation Address: Via Bonomea 265 , 34136, Italy
Country: Italy
Oral presentation/Poster (Author's request): Poster
Other authors and affiliations: Massimo Capone
We investigate the properties of a three-component Fermi liquid in presence of different on-site energies of the fermionic species. We observe selective behaviours of the quasi-particle properties as functions of the separation of the energy levels. In particular, when the three species have equally spaced energy levels, the system goes toward a selective correlated metal where the masses of two fermionic species are strongly renormalized while the third fermionic species is almost "free". In the case of two-fold degenerate levels we report an exotic metal to insulator transition, where the insulating phase is given by a mixture of a band-Mott insulator. We highlight the possible experimental implementation of such a system using 173Yb atoms trapped in optical lattices.