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Abstract's title: Coherence generation, irreversible Entropy production and Non-adiabaticity in quantum processes
Submitting author: Francesco Plastina
Affiliation: Dip. Fisica, Universita' della Calabria
Affiliation Address: p. Bucci 31C 87036 Arcavacata di Rende (CS)
Country: Italy
Oral presentation/Poster (Author's request): Oral presentation
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Irreversibility and entropy production have been central themes of statistical mechanics since more than one century and they are now at the heart of non-equilibrium thermodynamics. In the quantum realm, in particular, fluctuation theorems have been experimentally tested and employed to study irreversibility and to quantify it, even in the dynamics of closed systems, driven by external agents that perform work or extract it.
Irreversibility is intimately connected to non-adiabaticity of the evolution, giving rise to excitation and defect production in the driven system. In this context, we will provide a connection of both irreversible entropy production and non-adiabaticity with the amount of coherence that is generated in the energy basis during the driving protocol. To this end, we will take advantage of a recently proposed measures that allow to quantify coherence, the so called relative entropy of coherence, and employ it to derive quantitative relations between coherence generation and irreversibility. Specifically, we will identify two contributions in the irreversible work that is produced by a finite time driving, a first one due to the generation of coherence and a second one, due
to diabatic transitions. We will then introduce a suitable measure for the non-adiabaticity of a given process, which can be split analogously into the sum of a contribution due to coherence and another due to population transfer. Finally, for the case of a cyclic driving, we will link coherence to work extraction and ergotropy.