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Abstract's title: Upgrades of the RFX-mod experiment
Submitting author: Lionello Marrelli
Affiliation: Consorzio RFX
Affiliation Address: Area della Ricerca del CNR - Corso Stati Uniti 4 - 35127 Padova
Country: Italy
Oral presentation/Poster (Author's request): Oral presentation
Other authors and affiliations: RFX-mod team
RFX-mod is a toroidal device (R/a=2m/0.46m, [Sonato 2003]) characterised by great reliability and
flexibility which allows performing experiments in a wide range of safety factor values
q(a)=aBt/RBp values. As a Reversed Field Pinch it demonstrated stable operations for discharge
times longer than the surrounding stabilizing shell time, thanks to the feedback control of Resistive
Wall Modes [Paccagnella2007] and Tearing Modes [Zanca2007]. As a low toroidal field (0.6T)
high aspect ratio circular ohmic Tokamak, RFX-mod proved routine operations in the very low q
regime (i.e. q(a) <2) [Zanca2012] and with the insertion of a polarized electrode it also obtained
access to H-mode [Zuin2017].
Based on the understanding of the interaction between the MHD instabilities and the RFX-mod load
assembly (vacuum vessel, stainless steel supporting structure and copper stabilizing shell) some
enhancements of the device have been proposed and are now in a design phase [Peruzzo2016].
These can be summarized as: 1) upgrade of the magnetic front-end to reduce the amplitude of MHD
instabilities, thus improving plasma performance thanks to a mitigated plasma-wall interaction; 2)
change of the Plasma Facing Material and upgrade of the wall conditioning system to improve the
plasma density control; 3) installation of a 1MW neutral beam to robustly achieve H-mode without
the inserted electrode during tokamak operations; 4) upgrade of the diagnostics in order to improve
the control and understanding of plasma behavior. This contribution will describe the scientific
motivations of the proposed upgrades and will summarize the status of the design.
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[Zuin2017] to appear in Nucl Fusion