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Abstract's title: Digital Quantum Metrology
Submitting author: Lorenzo Maccone
Affiliation: dipartimento di fisica, universita' di Pavia
Affiliation Address: Dipartimento di fisica via Bassi 6 27100 Pavia
Country: Italy
Oral presentation/Poster (Author's request): Oral presentation
Other authors and affiliations: Majid Hassani, Sharif University, Tehran, Iran Chiara Macchiavello, Universita' di Pavia, Pavia.

Quantum Metrology  calculates the ultimate precision of all estimation strategies, measuring what is their root mean-square error (RMSE) and their Fisher information. Here, instead, we ask how many bits of  the parameter we can recover, namely we derive an information-theoretic quantum metrology. In this setting we redefine "Heisenberg bound" and "standard quantum limit" (the usual benchmarks in quantum estimation theory), and show that the former can be attained only by sequential strategies or parallel strategies that employ entanglement among probes, whereas parallel-separable strategies are limited by the latter.  We highlight the differences between this setting and the RMSE-based one.


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