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Abstract's title: Classical and Quantum Integrated Silicon Photonics
Submitting author: Massimo Borghi
Affiliation: University of Trento/ Department of Physics
Affiliation Address: Via Sommarive 14 38123 Trento
Country: Italy
Oral presentation/Poster (Author's request): Oral presentation
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This talk proposes the use of Silicon Photonics as a platform to integrate classical as well as quantum photonics. Silicon Photonics is the technology to fabricate photonics devices with standard silicon microelectronics processing. Few examples will be demonstrated: an heavily integrated transponder aggregator based on optical switches for application in telecom networks and data centers, a compact biosensor for screening toxins which is fully functional and allows on field testing of milk, a chip size quantum random number generator for secure quantum communication, and an integrated source of entangled photons based on nonlinear optical effects in microring resonators.