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Submitting author: Riccardo Comin
Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Affiliation Address: 77 Massachusetts Av. Rm. 13-2153
Country: United States of America
Oral presentation/Poster (Author's request): Oral presentation
Other authors and affiliations:
The spontaneous self-arrangement of electrons into static and periodically modulated patterns, a phenomenon commonly termed as charge order or charge-density-wave, has recently resurfaced as a prominent, universal ingredient for the physics of copper oxide high-temperature superconductors. Its antagonist coexistence with superconductivity, together with a putative connection to a quantum critical point beyond optimal doping, are symptomatic of a very fundamental role played by this collective electronic state for the physics of cuprates.
Resonant x-ray scattering (RXS) has rapidly become the technique of choice for the study of charge order in momentum space [1], owing to its ability to directly identify a breaking of translational symmetry in the electronic density. We have used RXS in Bi-, Nd, and Y-based cuprates to detect charge-density-waves even in presence of short-ranged order [2-3], exploring a realm previously accessible only by STM. Using the information available from the full two-dimensional momentum space, we have taken this experimental methodology further to reveal the local (intra-unit-cell) symmetry in the charge distribution [4,5].
To conclude, I will discuss recent results and future perspectives concerning the study of the nanoscale (10-100 nm) texture of electronic orders using coherent soft x-ray scattering in scanning (RXS nanomapping) and imaging (ptychography and holography) mode.
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