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Abstract's title: Photoluniescence studies in Yb 3+ /Er 3+ doped ferroelectric PbZrTiO 3 ceramics on various Tm 3+ concentrations
Submitting author: Prasenjit Prasad Sukul
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Technology(ISM),Dhanbad India
Affiliation Address: Optical Materials & Bio-imaging Research Laboratory Department of Applied Physics Indian Institute of Technology(ISM),Dhanbad ISM campus Internal Road India 826004
Country: India
Oral presentation/Poster (Author's request): Oral presentation
Other authors and affiliations: Dr. Kaushal Kumar Assistant Professor Optical Materials & Bio-imaging Research Laboratory Department of Applied Physics Indian Institute of Technology(ISM),Dhanbad India 826004
This article reports upconversion emission studies on solid state route prepared PbZrTiO 3 :Yb 3+ /Er 3+ /Tm 3+
ceramic. The ferroelectric PbZrTiO 3 has been turned into a multifunctional material via doping of
lanthanide ions (0.5 mol% Er 3+ /2.0 mol% Yb 3+ ) upon various Tm 3+ concentrations. Upconversion emission
of PbZrTiO 3 :Yb 3+ /Er 3+ /Tm 3+perovskite ceramic has been studied using 980 nm laser excitations with
respect to various Tm 3+ concentrations. The 980 nm laser excited upconversion (UC) emission intensity
ratio of green to red bands is found too high to neglect the contribution from the red emission band,
which is not observed normally in Yb 3+ /Er 3+ doped materials due to the introduction of Tm 3+ ion. The
emission dynamics is studied with respect to its dependence on input power and external temperature
including lifetime. Furthermore, the present ceramic could be useful for ferroelectric transducers,
microwave assisted resonators and display devices applications.
Motivation: Spectroscopic tuning and enhancement of photoluminescence are prospective technology,
which can dramatically enhance the properties of the modern day display devices like LED’s and as well
as solar cell. Electrically sensible materials are always in focus of research due to their vast application in
day to day life. Lead zirconia titanate ( PbZrTiO 3 ), a technologically highly important class of perovskite
material, is used in numerous applications such as electro-optic devices low voltage electron excitation
displays, photo-catalysts, microwave devices, gas sensors, positive temperature coefficient (PTC)
thermistor etc. Dielectric ceramics exhibiting high permittivity with a weak temperature and frequency
dependence are of enormous importance to the electronic industry. In particular PbZrTiO 3 can be used in
making various type of sensors (Piezoelectric transducers & optical thermometry) [1] due to its good
response to the electrons & optically active photons [2].
Keywords: Upconversion, Ferroelectric Materials
1. H. Takeuchi, H. Masuzawa, C. Nakaya and Y. Ito, “Relaxor ferroelectric transducers,” In Ultrasonics
Symposium, IEEE Proceedings. (697-705), 1990.
2. R.E. Cohen and H. Krakauer, “Electronic structure studies of the differences in ferroelectric behavior of
BaTiO 3 and PbTiO 3 ,” Ferroelectrics, 136(1), 65-83, 1992.