Last minute variations

Plenary Sessions

Prof. Albert Fert will not be able to attend the conference and will be substituted by Prof. Carlo Di Castro with a talk entitled:

     "Charge order and its role in the physics of cuprates"


Talks moved to a different session

Monday October 2

     Room Kastler: Javier Fernandez-Castanon-> Room SISSA B (October 4th)

     Room SISSA lecture hall: Alexandr Petrov -> Poster sessione (October 2)

Tuesday October 3

     Room SISSA D: Andrea Perali -> Room Budinich (October 5)

Wedenesday October 4

     Room Budinich: Denis Arčon -> Room Budinich (October 5)

Thursday October 5

     Room Budinich: Francesca Giusti -> Room Budinich (October 4)

     Room Budinich: Emmanuele Cappelluti -> Room Budinich (October 5)



Monday October 2

     Room Euler: Alessia Cedola (High resolution X-ray Phase Contrast Tomography applied to the investigation of Alzheimer disease)

     Room Sissa lecture Hall: Bruce Davidson (Deterministic and robust room–temperature exchange coupling in monodomain multiferroic BiFeO3 heterostructures)

     Room Euler: Ljiljana Fruk (Clickable Molecular Systems for Design of Bio-hybrid Materials)

     Room Euler: Simone Capaccioli (Vibrational dynamics of biomolecules embedded in glassy matrices )

     Room Sissa D: Costanza Toninelli (Quantum technologies with photostable molecule on-chip )

Tuesday October 3

     Room Sissa D: Giacomo Mazza (Energy transport in correlated meta-materials)

     Room Euler: Nicolò Defenu (Criticality in Quantum Long Range Systems)

     Room Infolab: Pasquale Pagliusi (In situ molecular-level picture of receptor-ligand interaction at interfaces)

Wedenesday October 4

     Room Budinich: Carlo Di Castro (Charge order and its role in the physics of cuprates)

Thursday October 5

     Room Sissa A: Daniele Sanvitto (Polaritons condensates: from macroscopic quantum phenomena to entanglement)

New submissions

Monday October 2

     Room Euler: Tatiana Da Ros (Emerging carbon nanostructures: great potentialities in biomedical applications)

Wedenesday October 4

     Room Budinich: Andrey Varlamov (Fluctuation Spectroscopy: from Rayleigh-Jeans Waves to Abrikosov Vortex Clusters)

Thursday October 5

     Room Kastler: Aldo Ugolotti (Chemisorption of Pentacene on Pt(111) with a Little Molecular Distortion)